BECAUSE WE UNDERSTAND YOUR NEEDS AT BPS, we are pleased to confirm our commitment to your business needs, from supplying Flexitank products to offering us customers a fully integrated Total-Logistics Solution and complete door to doors service with strong Flexitank technical support from our own production and R&D facility in India, in combination with our trained agents/ distributors which are strategically placed across the world. Therefore, you can now stay focused on your business while we take care of all your logistic needs. At BPS, we deliver excellence and solutions.


Our multimodal capabilities can assist in improving our customer’s supply chain through the use of loading Flexitank from suppliers’ storage tank or from a road tanker even at an intermediate location between the refinery and the point of export. We take utmost care while receiving and transferring cargo from shore tank or from road tanker to a Flexitank. Our technically qualified and highly trained personnel will ensure no product loss or contamination while transferring cargo from shore tank or road tanker to Flexitank.


Apart from handling new shipments for our exclusive customers, we also offer following emergency rescue services to any customers.

  • Supply of manpower service for fitting and installation of flexitanks
  • Supply of heating pad and installation
  • Cargo loading and monitoring services
  • Supervision and insurance survey for damaged flexitanks
  • Emergency Rescue and cargo transfer
  • Re-working of damaged or leaking flexitank
  • Cross pumping of cargo from road tanker to flexitank


Sharing Expertise, Extending Opportunities

BPS has a network of regional offices, agents and distributors with its highly trained personal to better meet the needs of its growing clientele world-wide. All personal are equipped to handle all sales, operations and technical concerns to ensure the satisfaction of us customers. BPS is also moving towards globalization and regional manufacturing to constantly improve its competitive performance.

Our Partners

Our Partners