BPS Flexitanks

BPS Flexitanks Services

Offering an efficient approach to transporting and storing non-hazardous liquid bulk cargoes BPS’s flexitank services are agile and cost-effective.
Flexitanks are an alternative to drums, intermediate bulk carriers (IBCs) and ISO containers. They cost less, weigh less, and allow you to take advantage of economies-of-scale when shipping your products. Flexitanks from BPS are single-use, require no positioning costs, and generate no waste water from being cleaned out. They are recyclable and compliant with global major health and safety regulations.
Installation of flexitanks and quality control procedures are handled with product and cargo verification by BPS, at any point when required. We help ensure shipments are protected by performing a Flexitank Installation Control Checklist for every flexitank solution we complete. All installations are insured, and cargoes covered for 110% of cargo value.

What Are The Benefits Of BPS Flexitank Services?

  • Globally available standardised flexitank supply and installation.
  • Competitive shipping freight rates, including for small batch shipments.
  • Best practice in documentation, order control.
  • Reduced financing and storage costs.
  • Just-in-time delivery.
  • Flexitank customisation options.
  • Convenience and ease of operations.
  • Flexitank cargos are insured by BPS.
  • Global emergency response services.
  • Flexitank removal and disposal services.

Trained personnel attend every loading, working with the loading and discharge facility staff to help ensure your flexitanks are loaded safely and to agreed capacity. Our flexitank loading services are available in locations all over the world, using our international network of trained staff and presence.


Dedicated flexitank teams issue all the shipping documents on your behalf and prepare drafts for those that must be issued elsewhere. All you need to do is check and print them. We can handle your flexitank solution door-to-door or provide the support for any portion of your supply chain. With BPS, you'll get a comprehensive insurance package tailored entirely to the specific needs of the Bulk Liquid industry, along with a global emergency response network. Quick to use and easy to set up, contact for more information about our flexitank services.

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