From water to chemicals, transporting and storing liquids has traditionally been an expensive and logistically complex operation.
BeFlexi offers a more agile and cost-effective approach to storing and shipping liquid and dry bulk products.



  • Flexitank is a single or multi-layered bladder, made of polyethylene
  • Holds up to 24,000 liters and fits into a standard 20ft ocean freight container
  • Temperature range -20 C to +80C, can be heated for viscous liquids or refrigerated for temperature sensitive cargos
  • Single-use and disposable
  • Used globally to transport 50-60 commodities, several thousand products may be compatible

More Savings

  • If you import, save money on stock maintenance, order exactly the quantities that you need
  • If you export, Save money on sea freight, demurrage administrating and cleaning cost
  • Flexitank vs Drums up to 40% cheaper
  • Flexitank vs. IBCs up to 30% cheaper
  • Flexitank vs. ISO-tank up to 20% cheaper

More Assurance

  • Flexitank installations and quality control procedures handled
  • Product/cargo verification at any point when required

More Markets

  • Load at 2,000 locations
  • Supply or buyto/from clients all over the globe
  • Secure cooperation with emerging markets
  • Control price fluctuation

More Money

  • Chose destination with best price or buy from wherever you want
  • Cash flow optimization/quicker cash flow
  • Operational expenses reduction
  • New service without investment in development, production, stocks or training courses

More Simple

  • Logistics/supply at any Incoterm basis: FOB/CFR/CIF/DDU
  • Easy fright cost calculation
  • One-hand nomination for transportation, inspection, and handling operations
  • Easier operations handling
  • Can be used for permanent and temporary storage

More Confidence

  • Top quality flexitanks, accompanied by all required certification and approval documentation
  • No demurrage, scheduled delivery
  • Mitigate price fluctuation
  • Complete control over supply chain
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