Truck Trailer Flexitank

  • BPS's unique TRUCK FLEXITANK (or trailer flexitank) an iteration of container flexitank, introduce a novel approach to liquid transportation tailored for INLAND TRANSIT.
  • It collaborates seamlessly with a wide range of vehicles including heavy trucks / trailer trucks.
  • It facilitates both short distance and long distance liquid transportation, there by enhancing economic efficiency - flexibility - speed
  • Its simple and efficient operational procedures significantly reduce labor cost and time expenditure
  • In contrast to conventional liquid packaging options such as IBC Totes, ISO Tanks, truck flexitank offer significant savings ranging from 50-80% on packaging cost
  • In a high semi-trailer truck, flexitank has the capacity to accommodate 2 sets of flexitanks, allowing for transportation upto 50KL in a single trip
  • The inner layers of flexitanks are crafted from food-grade LDPE, rendering the materials disposable and exceptionally well suited for food packaging needs.
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